Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) is a behavior system that provides positive and alternative interventions to traditional methods of discipline. South Polk Elementary School uses a PBIS system to reward students who model appropriate behavior expectations, and intervene with resources for students needing additional support in behavior management.


*Weekly conduct grades will be determined by each classroom teacher’s PBIS expectations. Please refer to South Polk Elementary Student Handbook for more information.

Patriot Bucks

Students who are observed modeling appropriate behavior expectations can be rewarded a Patriot Buck. Students may use these Patriot Bucks to purchase small prizes at our Patriot Bucks Store that is held at the end of each six weeks. Students must spend their Patriot Bucks during the six weeks in which they were rewarded.

6 weeks celebrations

Students receiving a 95%-100% for each of the individual weeks in a six-week reporting period are eligible to attend a celebration of good behavior at the end of the 6 weeks period.  These celebrations could include but are not limited to a dance party, movie, snacks, or extra recess opportunities.

End of the year celebration

Students receiving a 95%-100% for each individual week for the entire school year are eligible to attend this celebration. This celebration includes a PBS Wet and Wild Fun Day where these students are invited to join us on the inflatable water slide. 

*Teachers will enter student conduct grades into their gradebook as a percentage.

*Please understand that this means your child may only have one conduct mark per week to still be eligible to attend both the 6 weeks celebration and the end of the year celebration